It was early morning when she and I visited the Bandstand in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
It was a beautiful morning with a crisp blue sky, but somehow the light didn’t echo the moment in time that I wanted to capture.

A sunrise or sunset seemed more appropriate. The fleeting, beautiful transition of light and colour, seemed to resonate more closely with me, reflecting the time of change in life.

This young lady with her shy smile and her converse trainers, transitioning from girlhood and womanhood, experiencing the same excitement and anxieties that we all do at that age.

Removing her trainers and resting her leg on the balustrade she adopts a more womanly pose whilst still holding on to a treasured stuffed toy piglet as a link to simpler times.

I wanted to pass her some re-assurance, to show her the safety in stepping up. Enable her to enjoy the precious things you can find in briefest of moments that allow you to look back fondly, whilst bravely moving forwards.