I’m excited to announce that in April this year I will be exhibiting some of my new work!

The global pandemic has been long and tough. Aside from the obvious risk to physical health the past year has had a significant impact on mental health too. The necessary rules around social distancing have made it hard for those in the arts to reach their audience. Equally it has been hard for those of us who get pleasure and inspiration from music, dance, plays, film and exhibitions, it sometimes feels like an enforced and rather dreary cultural diet!

Therefore, I’m very happy to say that I will be holding a small exhibition of my latest work under the theme “A Child’s View” at the Singapore Musical Box Museum from the 17th April 2021.

The Musical Box Museum is a delightful treasure in Singapore, and I’m excited to be able to collaborate with museum manager and curator Takumi Minami, to display my paintings in his newly created art space on the first floor of the museum.

All of the paintings you will see on display are for sale (collectable at the end of the exhibition) and I have decided to donate part of the proceeds to a children’s cancer charity.

I also want to thank Daniel Teo, whose support has been instrumental in making this happen.

The museum space complies with all of Singapore’s social distancing and Trace Together controls to ensure that your visit will be a safe one.

So please come along and visit the exhibition. I would also recommend a tour of the Museum and the magical musical boxes, as it is a really unique and precious experience.