I am honoured to be featured by Kriti Arts in an interview on their website. Kriti Arts Limited is a Public Company Limited By Guarantee incorporated in Singapore, conceived to create an enriched environment for appreciation of visual arts. Whenever you have a quiet moment, I invite you to peruse the full interview here: https://kritiarts.org/featured-artist-2/

These opportunities serve as gentle reminders to reflect on my journey, fostering a deeper sense of purpose in my current project on the Singapore Cultural Series. I’m presently working on another 5 paintings. Amidst the intensity of my creative process, I often find it challenging to share regular updates. Nonetheless, I am deeply grateful for your understanding, support, and encouragement. It is my earnest wish to convey this gratitude through my artistic endeavours.

Thank you one again for the opportunity, Ms. Kumuda – Kriti Arts.